Metrics that Matter

For more than 35 years, we've been continually improving our offerings, employees and facility based on feedback from our students. Metrics that Matter (MTM) is a web-based student evaluation tool that we use to evaluate the training experience received. At Benchmark Learning, serving our customers is our number one goal.

Why we use it?

Using MTM allows us to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses, and gain insights about our students and what drives their satisfaction. This feedback is extremely important because it provides us with the information we need to continually improve the quality and impact of our education practices.

What do we measure?

We evaluate student satisfaction in the following areas:
  • Instructors' performance
  • Course materials presented
  • Percent of knowledge gained
  • Facility satisfaction
  • Amount of job impact after training

Metrics that matter

Who participates?

All students. It is an optional survey but is highly encouraged by our Educators and Education Advisors.

How does it work?

An electronic evaluation is available in the classroom to all students immediately following training and sent via email to students who are learning remotely.