Advanced WebSphere Application Server Administration
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Course Overview
  This course covers the advanced topics of WebSphere Application Server administration. Students learn how to install, configure, and use the IBM WebSphere Application Server (Base & Network Deployment (ND)) on Windows NT/2000, Solaris and AIX platforms. They also, learn how to deploy, troubleshoot and monitor J2EE-compliant enterprise applications in this environment. Advanced topics address skill areas for personnel who perform the following tasks for a web application server: Security, Manageability, Performance, Reliability, and Scalability of the Web Application Server and its interaction with the HTTP servers, database servers, and other servers in the network, including LDAP.

  At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Configure WebSphere Application Server, Network Deployment on multiple tiers
  • Configure WebSphere Application Server to support multiple virtual hosts
  • Configure multiple WebSphere Application Server nodes in a common cell
  • Define and manage server clusters for vertical and horizontal scaling
  • Configure WebSphere Application Server for Local Operating System, LDAP or custom authentication
  • Configure SSL communication to a web server and between the plug-in and the application server
  • Configure SSL communication for RMI/IIOP connections to the application server
  • Map J2EE security roles to principals within a registry
  • Secure the administrative tools for WebSphere Application Server
  • Analyze performance of J2EE applications running in WebSphere Application Server
  • Address performance issues of J2EE applications


  WAS110 or equivalent experience; familiarity with Platform/OS of choice; general understanding of networks and networking transports/protocols (e.g. TCP/IP HTTP, etc.)

Course Number

Course Length
  3 Days

Course Price


Vendor Credit or Voucher Eligible

  • WebSphere Overviews (Review)
  • WebSphere and J2EE (Review)
  • Inside WebSphere (Review)
Configuration & Deployment
  • WebSphere Deployment (Review)
  • Runtime Considerations
    • Classpaths
    • Naming
    • Plug-in
  • Security Concepts
  • Security & Web Delivery
    • Overview
    • Establishing a Secure Environment
    • Establishing a Secure Environment with WebSphere
  • Defining and Enforcing Security Policies
  • J2EE Security Concepts
  • WebSphere & J2EE Security
  • Other WebSphere Security
    • Java2 Security Policies
    • JAAS
    • Security Architecture
WebSphere, Network Deployment
  • Installation
  • Advanced Installation & Configuration
  • Administration
    • Commands
    • Administrator's Console
  • Web Tiering
  • Virtual Hosts
  • Scalability & Failover
    • Clustering
  • HTTP Sessions
    • Edge Components
  • Advanced Topics
Maintenance and Performance
  • Performance Basics
  • J2EE Application performance Tuning
  • WebSphere Application Server Tuning
  • WebSphere Performance Monitoring
    • Tivoli Performance Viewer
  • Application Performance Tuning
    • Best Practices