Microsoft Word...Use it Right! (Webinar)
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Course Overview
  Have you ever wondered why Microsoft Word does what it does? Attend this 90-minute webinar to learn the basic functionality that all users should know to efficiently work with Microsoft Word. You'll discover how easy it really is to create documents that look more professional in less time. This webinar covers the major pain points of Word that often need further explanation and a few bonus topics!

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure your success, please make sure you test your computer for accessing this session remotely. The number one reason for connection issues stems from our student's own network configuration, so please allow enough time to get help from your IT department if needed.

To test your configuration Click Here!

Bring a group! Our webinars are available for the low price of $49 whether you have 1 person or 10+. The more people you can gather in a conference room to watch the webinar with you, the less it costs.

  Login from your office, or even at home, and after just 90 minutes you will be able to:
  • Work with proper formatting techniques; including working with styles.
  • Use lists effectively.
  • Know the differences and how to use page breaks and section breaks.
  • Experience new features of Word 2007 that will quickly enhance your documentation including using Quick Parts and Building Blocks.

  Why don't my lists to look correct? "My spacing is off." "I had to press the 'Enter' key 50 times to get a page break." If these phrases are part of your vocabulary when working with Word, you'll greatly benefit from attending this webinar.

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  All you need to know before attending this webinar are the basic functions of Windows Operating System.

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Course Length
  1.5 Hours

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